Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cub Scout Hike to Hidden Falls

J using his camera to take pictures of the water

This morning, we met bright and early for our cub scout hike. It was BEAUTIFUL weather. We drove to the trail and then enjoyed the scenery. We did a family hike here a couple of years ago, but now there is a deck at the water fall. We could comfortably sit and enjoy our snacks. We all had a great time.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Field Trip with J

J and I getting some salt water taffy in one of the many candy stores in Old Town Sac
J with his buddy in front of one of the big trains

On Friday, the 9th, I was able to go with J on his class field trip. I met them down at the California State Railroad Museum for a special tour. One of the senior volunteers (or Golden Coyotes) for the class is a Docent down at the museum and we got special treatment. We saw a movie about the railroads (probably could use an update on that!) and toured the museum. Only 2 classes were invited to come. After the tour of many different trains, some of which we could walk on, we ate lunch outside. J talked me into signing him out of school and bringing him home with me. I think he may have been more excited about THAT then the actual field trip! But first, we stopped in Old Town Sac and got some salt water taffy ( just trying to justify my parking validation -- you spend more than $5 and you get a $5 parking validation. I'd rather have taffy than just pay for parking!) It turned out to be a very fun field trip and it was great to spend time with J!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy 14th Birthday, N!

N with Boppi for an early birthday dinner at Costa Vida on Monday.
Happy 14th Birthday, N!!! I cannot believe that our April Fool's baby is 14 today, and 6 feet tall! Where did the time go?? We love you very much and are so grateful to have you in our family.