Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Water Park

We spent a good chunk of the afternoon at a new water park in Rocklin today. Lots of spouts and streams of water to run around in. It was pretty hot, so the water felt great! We met some friends there and had a great time visiting and playing. There was a playground adjacent to the water fun to climb all over. B & T still managed to find a mud pit, and plastered it all over themselves. Fine. At least we weren't at home! They just ran back through the water and all was well. Time just flew by. I enjoyed visiting with my friends (wink, wink, Raimi & Jamie), and so I was not in a hurry to leave. The boys ran all over the place and just pit-stopped for snacks. Even after 3 hours, it was still hard to get the boys into the car to go home. We definitely want to go back.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Here We Go!

Mischievous T

Well, we are in the full swing of potty-training, so I haven't had a lot of time to do much else. And I'm still recovering from having my nose buried in the Harry Potter book all last week (which was really good, by the way ...) Anyway, the other morning, T said 'potty' and just walked into the bathroom and went. I was stunned! Then I said to myself, "Here we go!" This is definitely a bitter-sweet thing. I'm looking forward to no more diapers, but the actual training is so time consuming. Right now, T thinks he needs to flush everything! ... including about a pound of toilet paper that he conveniently rolled right into the toilet! He's doing really well. He'll walk right up to the toilet and say, "pee-pee, ON!" I can't believe that I soon won't have to buy diapers! I've been buying them since my oldest was born over 11 years ago! Wow. I was getting worried that T wouldn't be potty-trained in time for preschool, which begins late August. Yes, I'm counting the days. I know it will be good for him to have his own little outlet. I know he will just LOVE preschool, especially after he realizes that his buddy, Garrett, will be in the same class. Tonight at dinner, T said that his "happy" for the day was being with his friend, Garrett, in nursery. I'm glad he has such good friends!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Swimmin'

I can't believe that the boys' summer vacation is almost over! It is going by too fast. Even though B enjoyed another day at Lego Camp, he was a little down because he knows his vacation is almost gone. We've had busy days and lazy days. I think today would be considered a lazy day, however, we did take the boys swimming. We went to our friend's pool, again. Lots of jumping, diving, and playing. We had a nice time, and the boys get to burn off some of that energy!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What's Goin' on ...

So, not much house work is happen' here. I'm either trying to entertain T, or trying to squeeze in a few more pages of Harry Potter. The laundry pile is growing, but, hey, at least the clothes are clean! I thought I'd be done with the book by now, but ...

B is busy enjoying LEGO engineering camp. He went last year and has continually asked us to do it again. He did get his fill of building LEGO's this morning, but N & J spent the afternoon building their own creations. I think LEGO's are good for their minds ... better than hours of TV. So I can overlook the billions of pieces all over the place ... for the most part!

We went swimming as a family, again, tonight. It was nice to cool down and spend some time out of the house. N really polished his diving technique tonight. He had a big breakthrough, and he was so happy about it.
I wanted to share one of the many pictures my good friend, Amy, took of my boys. She did a fantastic job (thanks, Amy!) and I just love the photos, oh, and the boys in them!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

More of our Adventures

Mom & T on the temple grounds in Fresno

Boys in front of the Fresno Temple

Boys @ the Sequoias

I wanted to share a few more pictures from our adventures down in the Sequoias. Again, we were just amazed at the enormity of the trees. The boys had a lot of fun climbing on some of the the fallen trees, and some were even carved out to make tunnels to walk through. For the most part, we had to stay on the trail to avoid erosion--a concept hard to explain to a 3 year old!

We stopped at the Fresno temple on the way down, and we took some photos there. We didn't get to walk all the way around the small grounds because there was some landscaping going on. This was a highlight of the day (especially for Nathaniel -- he LOVES temples)
We had a lot of fun spending time together and exploring the forest, BUT it's always nice to be home! Now, my next adventure is reading the last Harry Potter book. Yes, I'm a fan of the series. Can't wait to see what happens ...

Friday, July 20, 2007

General Sherman

We had a WONDERFUL time in the Giant Forest of the Sequoia National Park today. The trees were HUGE! After several miles of winding roads, we were able to park and then hike down to the biggest tree (by volume) in the world -- "The General Sherman". It was awesome! The tree is 2,200 years old and is 275 feet tall. The base of the tree has a circumference of 102 feet. Just amazing. It was great weather and not too crowded. We're pretty tired and ready to relax, BUT I did get a card reader to upload our pictures. Yeah!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

On a Whim

We decided yesterday to head down today to see the beautiful Sequoias. We made a stop at the Fresno temple. It's very nice and tiny! N was especially happy to see another temple. We made it down to our hotel, and went for a swim after dinner. I forgot to bring my card-reader with me, so I can't share any recent pictures of our adventures down here -- and my laptop doesn't have our recent pictures either. Darn! Later, we just hung out and watched a movie. I really look forward to spending the day with all of the TALL trees. We're packing a lunch and planning on exploring all day long. Can't wait!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Caboose

T right after swim lessons

T @ Royer Park

Meet Timothy. We sometimes call him Tee-Tee, and I refer to him as the "Caboose". He's also a blur of action and quite the wrecking ball. He is constantly striving for his independence. I guess you could say that it all started in the womb when he decided to be different: He came out the trap door (C-Section). He just sat there and waited! He was probably folding his arms just biding his time until the trap door opened. He's very silly and loves to giggle, especially when Daddy tickles him or when he plays with the puppets. He gives the best Timothy "loves" and loves to sit on our laps -- even when we are standing up!! He likes to give elbow kisses. He LOVES the movie Cars. I'm surprised that our DVD is still working after the thousands of uses. He affectionately refers to the movie as "Kachow", mimicking Lightning McQueen's catch phrase. He stares at his Cars poster by his "nap" (bed), constantly reminding anyone who will listen that he wants "that one, that one, that one!" even though he has quite the Cars collection. He loves going to nursery to be with his friends, especially Naa-Naa and Rett (Nathan & Garrett). He likes to play with the hose out back, and last week he decided it would be a good idea to spray the water INSIDE the house. He likes to search for bugs and watch them move around. He loves bubbles. He loves SpongeBob. He loves Mommy's Balance Bars (Dang it!). He loves his Chevron cars. He loves his family, and we LOVE him!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Having a Ball!!

Gerald relaxing on the cool lawn




We had so much fun last night for FHE. We went to a nice park and ate a quick dinner. We then played several rounds of Bocce Ball. Every one won at least 1 game. Sometimes it was very difficult to see the little white ball in the tall blades of grass. That just added to the challenge of it! It felt so nice to get out together. The weather was perfect with the cooler temperature and the slight breeze. Gerald took Timothy on a big walk, then relaxed on the lawn. It was a great evening.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sweet Boy

Joshua @ swim lessons

Meet Joshua. We sometimes call him "Squish, Squash, Applesauce". He's quite the charmer. Joshua is 6 1/2 and is anxious to start 1st grade. He's excited to ride his bike to school with his older brother, Benj. He loves attending Primary each Sunday, and remembers each lesson taught by his teacher (whom he adores!). He likes to collect Chevron cars, and the new state quarters (like his big brothers). He is a great artist, and his room is plastered with many of his creations. Joshua is somehow able to succesfully use BIG words and has given us quite a few laughs. Once, he was getting ready to take a bite of a long-awaited dessert and he said, "Taste buds, get ready to go on a journey!!" Another time, we were visiting our cousins in Utah when we were switching cars for rides home from church. Joshua & his cousin were riding in the other car when we passed them on the way home. Later, my sister-in-law related the conversation between Joshua & his cousin: Cousin: darn, they passed us so we're going to be last!! Joshua: That's okay, Jesus said that the last shall be first and the first shall be last. So, it's okay. We really won! Cousin: Oh! I guess you could say that he's a peacemaker and a negotiator. He's constantly trying to up the stakes. For example, he'll ask me for 4 cookies, knowing darn well I won't give him 4, but it's a higher number to work with. I'll say 1, he'll say 3 ... I'll say 1, he'll say 2. Then I'll say 0 ... then he'll say, okay, 1! Smart kid! We know his patience levels have been tested with sharing a room with his little brother, especially once T got a bed. He'd climb into bed with Joshua, sometimes @ 2 in the morning, sometimes ready to play!! Now, that takes Patience, with a capital P! We appreciate his sweet spirit and his kindness. He has a way of making others feel comfortable. He loves to be with his brothers and his friends. We just love him to pieces!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tall Boy

Meet Nathaniel. He's our oldest, and he's a great example to his younger brothers. We'll sometimes call him "Scribibble", just don't call him Nate or Nathan! He won't answer, or he'll politely correct you. He arrived on April Fool's Day and loves having such a fun birthday. Yes, there were some family members who actually didn't believe that he was born -- they needed some convincing that he was actually HERE! He's always been mostly arms and legs, and now it's an advantage with swimming & basketball. He gets those long strokes in the water. Also, when he holds a basketball up over his head during a game, NO ONE can reach it! He can pretty much take his time deciding where to throw the ball, all the while the other players are jumping up and down crazily trying to swat the ball (they can't even touch it!!). He was even taller than one of the adult referees. Crazy. He has always had the kindest spirit and is always thinking of others. He's quick to share things and will be the first to give up his place in line to someone else. He's quietly adventurous. He'll try any new food at least once. He loves to look at pictures of the temples on-line, and likes to read all of the facts about each temple. He likes to collect old fashioned cars, and all types of the Chevron cars. He loves Boy Scouts, playing piano, shooting hoops, swimming, riding his scooter, and drawing cartoons about the Blue Racer. He's looking forward to starting Middle School in August as a 6th Grader. He's excited to see the new Harry Potter & Transformers Movies. Nathaniel is dependable and a wonderful helper. He's trustworthy, does his best to make good choices, and is conscientious about being an example. He likes to read the scriptures at night with his younger brother, and likes to have his brother "chat time" with Benjamin before they go to sleep every night. I couldn't ask for a better Nathaniel. We love him dearly.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Silly Boy

Here’s Benjamin. We usually call him Benj, a name affectionately given him by his older brother right from the start. We refer to him as the “Spice in the Soup of our Family.” There’s usually not a dull moment with him. He’s adventurous, silly, curious, determined, and very independent. He’s not afraid to try new things, and isn’t afraid to speak up. He was a very, very cuddly baby, and he still likes to give sweet hugs. I hope they last because they are wonderful! Benj is very competitive, and has always wanted to be the first at everything, but he had to wait in line to join the family … coming in as son #2. Even his birthday is on the 2nd of a month! Big brother’s birthday is on the 1st of a month – another sour spot for Benj! So, because there are a few things that he just cannot control (birth order!!), I decided to write about Benj first. He LOVES Lego’s and has built hundreds of amazing creations. Yes, I have to check my vacuum all of the time to be sure that I didn’t get any Lego’s! He enjoys Cub Scouts, soccer, piano lessons, swimming, racing Dad, building forts, making jokes, eating ice cream, elephants, SimCity, and is the King of Sarcasm. He just “get’s it.” He’s full of questions that keep us on our toes. Some questions just blow our minds! He’s anxious to get “puffy” muscles, and constantly asks us ways to build his muscles. He’s excited to start 4th grade. He’s excited to see the new Harry Potter & Transformers movies. He likes to know how many "stars" a movie earns, and analyzes the reasons why. Benj has a sweet spirit and is always concerned with making the right choice. We are so proud of him. We love you, Benj!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Little Shadows

Ever have a day where you constantly have several little shadows following you around? You know, the ones that will give you a play-by-play while in the bathroom? The ones that you trip on as you walk from one room to the next? The ones that stand right in front of you no matter where you are trying to go? Even the ones that seem to be right behind you when you want to sit down? Ever happen? Well, despite all of the bumping & tripping today, there were lots hugs & kisses, peppered with tickles & giggles. Those little shadows are in constant motion. Maybe I'm the one in the way ... Hmmm ...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Good Day

I really enjoyed the slightly cooler weather today. After swim lessons, the boys were able to play outside a little today. They watched cement being poured for a neighbor's driveway, rode scooters with friends, and jumped on the trampoline. T went for the hose, again. No surprise there. We even ventured out the Sam's Club all together -- I know, BIG treat!! They DID get either an Icee, smoothie, or ice cream cup. No complaints there. Also, they enjoyed tasting all the different samples of food and drinks. The cheese sticks were a hit. We called it a night after a couple episodes of the Muppet Show. Good, classic stuff! Just one more day of swim lessons. That sure went fast.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Simple Pleasures

An amazing thing happened this morning: we all slept in! This rarely happens. Rarely!!

First item of business: sterilize T’s toothbrush in dishwasher. Check. Apparently, I took too long to come up and help T brush his teeth last night, so he took care of business himself using the water in the toilet. Yum. Second item of business: finish pulling out chunks of dried, blue play dough out of carpet. Now I remember why I really don’t like play-dough. It always seems like a great idea at the time of purchase, but then I quickly remember all that it entails. (Remember the can opener & birthday candles?!) What in the world would I do all day if I didn’t have these things created by my little “wrecking ball”? Hmmm …

J, T & I sat outside early this morning and searched for all types of bugs. Rollie Pollies are the favorite, and I've been informed that the grass is their house. T couldn't figure out why all of the dried-up worms all over the sidewalk weren't moving. He tried to feed them blades of grass. He then told me that they weren't hungry. Ah, I guess not. They had fun and I enjoyed the cool, morning breeze. Simple pleasures. This was a good reminder for me to just slow down and enjoy.

B enjoyed playing the video game Sim City 4 for a good chunk of the day. He's constantly asking things like "What's the difference between a road and an avenue?" or "Why doesn't Roseville have high-industrial ....?" He'll analyze his surroundings and compare it to what he's learned on his game.

N was just happy to get back into the water for his swim lesson. He's getting the knack of the flip-turns, and his form improves each day. He really likes his swim instructor. This has been a big confidence boost for him.

T was just anxious to get back home so that he could play with the hose out back. He was wet, muddy, but happy. At least my garden was well watered! The patio is covered with little, muddy footprints.

All in all, it was a great day. The weather was cooler, and that's always a good thing especially after that heat wave we just had. Like I said, simple pleasures ...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Parental Units

I just realized that I haven't posted a picture of myself or G. I liken it to many of the Christmas cards sent out that contain a picture of people's kids, no parents. I want to see the parents, too! That's usually who we know and want to see. Agree?? I have so many pictures of the boys; not so many of myself ... and many of the ones I do have aren't so great. I know you have to take dozens of pictures to just get that ONE great one. I guess I need to work on that. So, I decided to post a picture taken of G & me this past summer when we were visiting with my side of the family at this awesme resort in Utah. Yeah, we kind of like each other. In December, we will have been married 15 years. Hard to believe. Time really does go by faster as you get older.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Another Summer Day

This morning began with cuddles & giggles as J & T piled into bed with me, along with several stuffed animals. What a way to start the day!! Later, T & I played a very interesting game of “Go Fish”. I had no idea of the rules or how to play his version. All I know is that we were playing a game! Eventually, he was satisfied with the results and he moved on to another adventure – climbing in the closet to get to the blue play dough. Mission accomplished—now on to the kitchen drawers to see what kind of “tools” to use for his play dough creations. He wasn't too happy when I took away some birthday candles and a very sharp can-opener. Yep, he’s non-stop action. I don’t get much done around here, and I know I’m not alone in this, right?>

The boys had swimming lessons, again, today. They are starting their 4th, and final week of lessons. I watched J swim incredibly fast across the pool today. His teacher was standing alongside him and couldn’t keep up with him! My jaw dropped. N is preparing to swim 20 laps (25 yards each)with no stops to pass his current level. I asked him if he was worried about it. He said that he’s been doing it almost every day anyway, so it was no big deal. B was learning another stroke today and seemed to pick it up pretty quick. T is plugging along, too. I like how his swimming lessons just help him burn off some of his energy!

So, we’re not going anywhere big this summer. We did a big family trip in March. We surprised our boys by taking them to Legoland, down near San Diego. They literally didn’t have a clue where we were going up until we were about to arrive, which was fun for G & I. We spent 2 days at Legoland, 1 day at the beach, and 1 day at Sea World. We spent some time walking around the San Diego Temple grounds, too. We swam every day at the hotel. We had so much fun. They were all so worn out that they all slept in the van, at some point, on the way back home. So, we’re just hanging out this summer here. Fine by me. Sometimes it’s just nice to be home and do nothing …

Sunday, July 8, 2007

A day of rest??

Who ever said Sunday is a day of rest either didn't have kids or didn't have a church calling! I'm wiped out after running all over Primary each Sunday. Regardless, I absolutely LOVE being in Primary and seeing all of my boys. It's fun to be involved with them & to know what they are learning. Plus, they don't get away with stuff!! My boys each enjoy their primary teachers, and I'm so thankful to each of them for their service. Thank goodness for our imposed "Quiet Time" Sunday afternoons. Our kids get some alone time, and T & Mom & Dad get some ZZZZZZ's. Then it's just time to be together. Sundays usually end with a family program to watch along with Daddy's pan-popped popcorn. It's the best! And the boys look forward to it each Sunday. It's just one of those things that have gradually turned into a family tradition. I'm so grateful for my family. I feel like the luckiest mom.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

T swimming in the deep end!

Joshua between turns down the water slide

Benj enjoying some cotton candy on the 4th

Happy 4th of July, Nathaniel!!


Welcome to my very own blog! I've jumped on the blog bandwagon. I've really enjoyed reading my friends' blogs so much that I decided that I should do my own, and as my husband would say, "Welcome to 2002!" Anyway, I love the idea & think this will help keep family & friends informed of what's going on with the Jones brood.

We've been really enjoying our summer. From swimming lessons to video games, from homemade bubbles to jumping on the trampoline, from piano lessons to homemade rockets. We even got a whole week with Grandpa Jones all to ourselves. We took him to get a HUGE cinnamin roll one morning, took him out to ice cream @ Leatherby's for his birthday on the 20th, went to Denio's one morning (where he found a fantastic deal on a rare Mormon book), and also spent countless hours just hanging out. He rode the train out here to see us. We really appreciated his visit.

We also spent a fun-filled day up at North Lake Tahoe @ King's Beach with friends. We had a blast. It just so happened that there were only boys on our outing. My boys considered that to be heaven! We spent the 4th of July down our own street @ our neighbors. There was a huge inflatable water slide that emptied into a pool of water. Our boys LOVED it. There were hotdogs, snow cones, cotton candy and soda -- a child's delight! We later cooled off in our own little pool as a family, and did fireworks in front of our house. Timothy loved the "Pops!" He kept saying "pop" as I was tucking him in for the night.

Just one more thing before I forget, my boys are doing so well with their swimming lessons. Nathaniel has been spotted by some of the staff and told him he should try out for the swim team. He's got the long body for it. He's almost 5'5" and he's 11!!! Benjamin can swim quite the distance as well, but he has his eye on the water polo practice going on along side him! Joshua swam the entire 25 yards across the pool--no problem. And, Timothy finally likes going to swimming lessons (it's a separation thing, not a swim thing), and yesterday, he buzzed all over my friend's pool only with the aid of arm floaties. He's 3!!

Okay, so I hope this blog thing goes okay for me and that I'm able to keep up with it. Hope you all are enjoying your summer with your families. Time sure flies, so enjoy it.