Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Family Night @ the Temple

On Monday night, we loaded up in the van and headed over to the Sacramento Temple for Family Night. In order to stay on track with the Ward Book of Mormon reading challenge, we brought our scriptures and followed along with the audio version of the chapter we were reading as we were driving to the temple. We also discussed what we were reading. It was a nice change of pace ... and a peaceful drive to the temple.
It was dark by the time we got there, but we still enjoyed a walk around the temple grounds. The boys wanted to see and feel the corner stone again. G had fun with the camera taking some night shots. We both want to learn more about our camera ...

I've always thought these windows were beautiful. I love the blue and gray tones together.

We enjoyed our night out together. The weather was perfect!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


T finally got his turn to be the Star Helper in his Kindergarten class this past week. He woke up with some serious 'bed-head' and was ready to get his Legos ready for his share item. This was VERY important!

After we loaded up the cooler bag with string cheese and grapes for the class snack, we headed to the school. T got to be the 'line leader' all day and the special helper in class. At snack time, the class sang the "Thank You" song to him. He LOVED it all!

Here's T at the head of the line before school started. He was thrilled to have this privilege!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Let the Games Begin!

Today marked the beginning of soccer games for J & T. The weather was perfect today. We expected it to be hot, but that was not the case.

J is on the far left in the white jersey

Go J!! J's team, the Volcanoes, won their game 1-0. They did a great job of passing during their game today. After J's game, G took him out for his Daddy day. They had a great time.

T's 1st soccer game EVER was at 1pm. He could hardly wait.

Here's T with some of his best buddies before the game today. It's been fun for them to be on the same team

T was goalie for a while today and did great!
T's team, the Sparrows, won their game today by a landslide. T actually scored a goal (for the wrong team -- his friend, the goalie at the time was cheering him on, too!!) No worries. They still won. It was so fun to watch these little guys play their little hearts out today.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Annual Walking School Bus

This morning, we headed out to catch the 'walking school bus'. T kept thinking that we were going to be getting on a real yellow school bus ... so I think he was a bit disappointed. It was kind of neat to see most of the students walking to school this morning. Students were also asked to wear red, white and blue today in commemoration of 9/11.

C'mon mom! Seriously ... you want me to pose with Cody?? YEP!

I caught one of the many Frisbees that were tossed out to the crowd of students. So I gave it to J. I ended up catching another one and so I gave it to our friend, C. They also bounced beach balls around and tossed out key chains. There was bottled water, bananas, bagels, and fruit leather for the students. It was a very fun way to start the day at school this morning.

I know that J doesn't look to happy in any of these photos. I think he gets sick of my camera. Oh well. Too bad!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

STINKY Jelly Belly's

On Monday, we took the boys out for lunch with Grandma Marie. Afterwards, we stopped in the Jelly Belly store. G and the boys tasted some jelly beans, including one that's called "skunk spray". Yes, skunk spray. G & B braved it.

Here is B's reaction to the skunk spray jelly bean. Nasty! Their breath was disgusting -- it actually smelled like a skunk!! B tried toothpaste, ear wax, and rotten egg. The rotten egg is the one that got him retching. Of course, he had to buy a few of these to bring to school and trick his friends!

Yes, we're missing T here. He was away on a play date with a friend.
Grandma Marie with J

We left with some yummy jelly beans, too. It was a fun way to end our lunch outing with Grandma Marie. Oh, and I almost ate one of those skunk jelly beans. I thought I had reached into my bag of 'buttered popcorn' jelly beans. Luckily, my mom stopped me right before I bit down! I had grabbed a skunk spray, ear wax, and toothpaste. Talk about disgusting! I couldn't thank her enough for bringing it to my attention.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

T's Long Awaited Daddy Day

T was SO excited for his Daddy Day on Saturday that he got up @ 6AM! He crawled into bed with us, but couldn't (or wouldn't) go back to sleep because he was so excited. As soon as J got up, T was able to go into his room and get dressed (which he did at lightning speed). After a rushed breakfast, G & T went on their way. They spent time together at a park. They even took a little walk around the park. T was very happy about his Daddy Day and he beamed all day long!

... and yes, he's already planning his next Daddy Day!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lego Make-And-Take

We took the boys back to the Lego store because of the FREE make-and-take project of the month. We found out about it the last time we were at the store and the boys REALLY wanted to come do the project. For September, the project was a book and pencil.

Afterwards, we enjoyed some cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon. G just couldn't resist! Anyhow ... the boys are already itching to go in October. We'll have to see!