Thursday, November 26, 2009

Run to Feed the Hungry -- Sacramento

Early on Thanksgiving, N & I drove down to Sacramento to meet my sister, L and her daughter and boyfriend for the "Run to Feed the Hungry". N has come to 2 of my 5K's before, but this time I got him to run with me. B was supposed to come, but wasn't feeling well.
N was a bit nervous about the race -- he shouldn't have been -- it was a MOB of people -- he COULDN'T run if he wanted to!

Here is N after the finish line at the race. We got separated early on and there was no way to find each other until the finish line. A bit disappointing race to try out those running legs!

OK, I KNOW this was for a good cause and it was amazing to see that 31,000 people came out to support a very good cause in our community, HOWEVER, it was the most frustrating "run" (if you can call it that). It was more like an obstacle course. I managed to jog most of it ... unless I got really caught behind people. It was like a barricade sometimes ... really. TOO many people crammed into these small streets. I want to bring N to another 5K soon so that he can really get a sense of it without the mob. It took us a long time to get out of the parking garage. G had to start my dinner rolls for Thanksgiving dinner since it took us longer than we had planned. We had a great Thanksgiving ... I'll have to post more about that later.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

T's Soccer Wrapped Up

T's 1st soccer season wrapped up last weekend. He LOVED playing soccer with his friends and had such a wonderful coach. All smiles!

I love this picture of T ... happily running out to position during his last game!

Here is T with coach Andre, who stepped up to coach this team of 5 year olds even though he does not have a child on the team! He was great with the kids. Oh, the big frog is Flippity, T's Kindergarten class mascot. He got to spend the weekend with us a few weeks ago.

T loved playing with his buddies. So fun!

After the last game, we met the team at Round Table pizza. After eating, the coach handed out trophies and certificates. T earned the "Most Improved" player. He did come along way this season, and loved it. He's a little sad that there is no more soccer for a while. I'm happy to have our Saturdays back! Oh, btw, T's trophy was broken by accident w/in 24 hours of receiving it. He took it pretty well, especially considering that he wasn't the one to break it. What a trooper!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Soccer is ALMOST Done

On Monday night, we met J's team over at a gym. There, they played an indoor soccer game -- kids against parents. I brought G's sneakers so he could join in the game. B and T played for a while, too. They had a blast! After, the kids enjoyed pizza, soda, and receiving their trophies. I love this picture above. J is receiving his trophy from his coach, who was awesome, btw. Coach called J his little Professor .. always sharing tidbits of trivia and information. He also said that J was a hard-working player, who improved over the season.

J has really enjoyed this year. He wasn't sure about having a new coach, but it worked out very well. He had some great hustle out there on the field this year!

T has LOVED playing soccer. He did really good as goalie. He wasn't afraid to grab that ball! He was with some of his dearest friends and really began to grasp the game. He had a wonderful coach, too.
I'm glad that the boys had great teams & coaches this year. It has been a positive experience. With that said, I am also looking forward to no more practices and games ... having our Saturdays back! AMEN!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Apple Hill 2009

The boys were off of school today (Veteran's Day), and the weather was good ... and we needed something to do ... so, we took off and headed over to Apple Hill. It was really nice because it wasn't as crowded as a normal weekend would be. We went to a few farms and really enjoyed ourselves.

the things I make the boys do for pictures! J looks REALLY thrilled!

We HAD to get apples with warm, gooey caramel. This is one of my favorite things to get at Apple Hill.

We saw this apple orchard near where we parked at one of the farms. We wanted to explore a bit. The boys found sound rotting pumpkins and HAD to poke them. Whatever. They had fun and I really didn't care. We just enjoyed being out with each other.

We stopped in at the Fudge Factory. We didn't end up buying anything there since we already bought some fudge at another farm. We just wanted to see what they had.

We also made sure we left with 2 gallons of pressed apple juice. So good! Lots of the food looked good there, however, there were long lines for that. So we just walked around and looked at all of the crafts, treats, and beautiful scenery. Then, we stopped at In-N-Out burger as we headed home. The boys were also glad to have the rest of the late afternoon to relax. It turned out to be a great afternoon together.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall is Here!

We had a huge wind storm a little while ago, and I think the entire neighborhood's leaves ended up on our side yard. N & T took advantage of it and played in the leaves together. I snapped a few pictures of them playing together and having fun.