Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nature Photos from Buttermilk Trail

I'm still trying to figure out my camera, and am enjoying every second of it. I would love to take a photography class or two ... in my non-existent spare time. I just wanted to post a few pictures that we took. G&I both like taking pictures. We're constantly passing the camera back and forth.

G took this photo: there is a butterfly on the top of the flower. I cropped the picture a bit.

We really liked the purple blossomed trees ...

Something about this tree really struck me. I love all of the big, twisting branches.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Buttermilk Trail & Covered Bridge

On Saturday, we took advantage of the beautiful, sunny weather and headed a bit north to a covered bridge. There were several hiking trails, and we went on one that was highly recommended to us because of all of the wildflowers.

Here we are just outside the covered bridge.

N saw this car parked nearby and wanted a picture of it. He loves old cars like this.

Here's a picture of the covered bridge from an adjacent road.

It's hard to believe that N will be 13 in a few days!! Isn't he handsome???

Mom with N right outside of the bridge

The parental units
The boys crossing one of the bridges

T basking in the sun!


Here's J! Such a sweet boy!! On our hike, we saw hundreds of wildflowers. They were gorgeous. The really cool thing was there were little signs telling us the flower names. There was a little river down below that looked gorgeous. We saw a lizard, a bat sleeping in a tree & hanging upside down. We saw lots of butterflies. At one point, I was taking a picture and I took a step back. Something felt funny beneath my heel, like a big twig, only I didn't remember there being one there. I looked down, and gasped. It was a snake! I had stepped on a snake! I tried to scream, but I was still recovering my voice from being sick all week. The snake slithered quit fast down the hill. Yuck!!!

We spent some time by the river. G & the boys panned for gold for a while. No luck. It felt great to rest with our feet in the water. We definitely want to come back. It was a great use of the afternoon. We had a great time. Later, we enjoyed carnitas for dinner -- a family favorite. We pick up the meat at a Mexican restaurant and then make all of the trimmings ourselves. Yum! After that, we enjoyed another family movie. The boys were dying to see the last Matrix movie (yes, we used Clearplay!).

Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Field Trip with T

Yesterday, I took T on his preschool field trip to an indoor play house. Lots to climb, jump, slide ... and even balls to shoot in guns. We stayed for 2 hours. He had a blast. I wasn't feeling that great, so I just sat and watched. I have a love/hate relationship with field trips, and here's why: even though they can be really fun, I don't have the opportunity to drop him off at school for my 3 hours of 'no-kid' time. Yes, I said it! And I know I'm not alone on this. Oh, and I had about 3 people ask me where I got T's shirt! I purposely put it on today only because it's orange and it's easier to spot him in a crowd. I had to do the same thing with B when he was younger. He'd just take off and it would be so hard to find him.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hangin' out on the swings (no, N doesn't really wear glasses. He was wearing some lense-less frames)

N and his cousin, M, really, really enjoy hanging out together. They don't get to see each other often enough. I have tried to take a picture of them each time we get together. I'll have to scan some of the pictures from years past and share a few. These pictures are from last Saturday when we got together for J's baptism. M asked for a step ladder so that he wouldn't feel so short, but I snapped the picture anyway. Wish we lived a little closer together!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Leprechaun Hat

T made this cute Leprechaun hat at preschool on St. Patrick's Day. I didn't get around to taking a picture until yesterday morning. T's still waking up in this picture! I thought the hat was hilarious. Kinda looks like a Jewish yamaka. Just another fun, creative thing he's done at preschool!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thanks for coming, Grandpa!

We sure enjoyed our visit with Grandpa this week. He was a great house guest and we will miss him.

T took the opportunity to sit close to Grandpa, and followed him around quite a bit the first couple of days.

We went to Leatherby's together for J's birthday. Grandpa had the BIGGEST ice cream, which he enjoyed for a few days!

He was able to attend J's baptism. What a wonderful thing!

N and Grandpa sat together during the baptism.

G and Grandpa enjoyed visiting. Grandpa went to G's Institute class last night. They were able to go out to Indian food one afternoon, and do a little book shopping too.

We had to say 'goodbye' to Grandpa this morning. G took him over to the train station for him to catch the train back to Utah. We were sure glad that he came out to see us and spend this time with us. Thank you!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

J's Baptism

Yesterday, J was baptized! It was a great day and a very special one, too.

Here, G & J are in their 'whites' before the baptism began.

J and his great friend, Carter, shared the baptism. They've been really good friends since 2 years old. They were SO excited!!!

Mom spending a moment with J right before the baptism. I was telling J how special he is and how much we love having him in our family. Thanks, Raimi, for snapping this picture. I love it.

G&J right before the program began. J could hardly contain his excitement. He was fun to watch.Here, J's cousin's congratulate him after the baptism. They are enjoying the many treats, including a J-shaped sugar cookie made by Carter's grandma.

Here's more of the family right after the baptism. It was great to have some of the family together.

The family met back at our house after the baptism to have "Linner" (Lunch/Dinner). We enjoyed yummy sandwiches, potato salad, chips and veggies. This gave us the opportunity to sing Happy Birthday to J with the extended family. He sure enjoyed it! J also received his new scriptures and scripture bag from Grandma Marie and Boppi. He's been looking forward to having them, and is excited to bring them to church today!

The cousins had so much fun playing together. It was very enjoyable for everyone. I think J will remember this day for many years to come.

Friday, March 13, 2009

J's Birthday Celebrations

J's morning began with his FAVORITE food ever! Crepes with Nutella. He was in heaven!! Then he got to bring his favorite cookies (Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip) to school. Actually, Grandpa, T and I walked them to his classroom, and the timing was great. We got to sing Happy Birthday cha-cha-cha to him with the class.

Later, J opened his presents: legos and the Lego Batman DS game. He was very happy!!

Then we headed over to Leatherby's for our celebration. J got to stand on his chair while the entire restaurant sang Happy Birthday. He liked that! He ordered a cookies and cream milk shake.

It was a great birthday for a GREAT kid! He said he had the best birthday. We love you, J!!!