Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cast #2

Yesterday, T had a follow-up appointment for his broken arm. His eyes were wide with alarm when he saw (and heard!) the saw that was to remove his cast. The tech demonstrated that it couldn't cut him by putting the saw 'blade' right on his own skin. It was really cool. So, his bright, dirty yellow cast was removed. Before we headed over to x-ray, T wanted to wash his arm. Don't blame him! His arm felt really weird to him without the cast. His skin looked pretty good, but I could see a couple of spots of irritation. I wish I thought to bring some neosporin! I got to see his x-ray and saw how his bone is healing properly. He got to pick out another color for this cast. He didn't even hesitate with RED. It kinda looks pink in this picture, but trust me: it's red! He'll have to wear this one for 2 weeks. Then, he'll get a splint for another couple of weeks. What a trooper! Oh, of course we stopped by to see G at the hospital, and got to meet more of his students. Then, T wanted to stop by the "pet store" ... translated to "gift shop"! He was stalling every which way he could before he had to go back to school. Smart kid!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mommy Had a TIME OUT

Me with the girls on Friday night before Time Out for Women began in Sacramento.
Lisa and I got a picture with the singing group Mercy River. They are AMAZING!! I love their harmonies. They were so inspiring and funny, too!
Here is our group after the conference on Saturday afternoon. Some of the girls stayed over night at a hotel. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the conference. I feel so enriched and uplifted by the speakers, the music, and the bonds of friendship. I feel like my own spiritual cup has been filled and I have a renewed outlook. We were able to hear from: Ardeth Kapp, John Bytheway, Emily Watts, Amanda Dickson, Jill Manning and Emily Freeman. The beautiful music was by the singing group Mercy River, and by Jenny Oaks Baker. She is a very, very accomplished violinist. She blew us away. I am so thankful for the opportunity to go. I am thankful for a very supportive husband who holds down the fort while I'm gone. I cannot wait until I can go to the next one. We are already trying to make plans!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

And BRIGHT Yellow it is!!

T had his cast put on early Tuesday morning. He had a 7:40am appointment. He got to choose the color of his cast. I was not surprised when he decided quickly on the bright yellow. This one is waterproof!! I'm so glad it doesn't cover his elbow. Right after he got his cast on, we met G over at the main hospital and had donuts together. When T arrived at school, he was wearing a hoodie, so you couldn't see his cast. His teacher and classmates took guesses on the color. He'll have to wear it for 5-6 weeks. So, the first half of the soccer season is a complete wash.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Yep, It's broken

G got a picture of T's x-ray

On Wednesday evening, T wanted to ride his bike really bad. So, we helped him get going down the sidewalk. He was startled by the neighbor's sprinklers turning on right as he passed their lawn so much so that he swerved to the right and hit a parked car. He ran right back to us holding his arm. It didn't look too bad. We iced it and gave him some Tylenol. The pain would ebb and flow, so we were a bit baffled about what to do about his arm. By Friday evening, he'd pretty much keep his right arm to his side and was trying to do many things left handed. So, when G took him on his long-awaited "Daddy Day" to the hospital (T's choice! He wanted to eat lunch there and explore Daddy's office), he had one of the nurses take a quick look at it. The nurse immediately said that it needs to be x-rayed because it didn't look too good. It turns out that it's a clean break, right near the wrist. This is his temporary cast. I have to get him in to see an orthopedist ASAP to set him in a cast ... which he'll probably have to wear for 6 weeks. Too bad soccer JUST started. The first game is this coming Saturday! He's been a real trooper. He did tell G, however, that he would like to come back to his work for a corn dog, but he doesn't want to see any doctors!