Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cement Slides -- Family Visit Update

When my sister was here for her visit, we took the kids over to a little hidden gem: the cement slides. We ate a picnic lunch and then spent quite a while at the slides ... trying to burn off some of their energy!

T is ready to launch!

Here's S ready to launch. He loved it when I'd give him a BIG push. The faster, the better!

T ran the rest of the way down this time. His cardboard was starting to not slide too well. We had a wonderful afternoon hanging out. (June 9th)


Raimi said...

We LOVE the cement slides & YAY, it looks like the graffiti is gone! I have pictures from last summer & all I see is the spray paint!

Now It's Just Camie... said...

FUN! We still have never been over there, guess we need to experience it at least once.

Allison said...

Those slides were so much fun! C & S love looking at the pictures and ask when we can go back. Thanks for taking us in and playing with us while we crashed at your place. It was so much fun!