Saturday, September 12, 2009

Let the Games Begin!

Today marked the beginning of soccer games for J & T. The weather was perfect today. We expected it to be hot, but that was not the case.

J is on the far left in the white jersey

Go J!! J's team, the Volcanoes, won their game 1-0. They did a great job of passing during their game today. After J's game, G took him out for his Daddy day. They had a great time.

T's 1st soccer game EVER was at 1pm. He could hardly wait.

Here's T with some of his best buddies before the game today. It's been fun for them to be on the same team

T was goalie for a while today and did great!
T's team, the Sparrows, won their game today by a landslide. T actually scored a goal (for the wrong team -- his friend, the goalie at the time was cheering him on, too!!) No worries. They still won. It was so fun to watch these little guys play their little hearts out today.