Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday, T!

I can't believe my caboose is 7! He has been waiting so 'patiently' for his birthday. He wanted to open presents the night before, but we are such mean parents and made him wait!

Having his favorite breakfast (or meal, rather) ever! Nutella crepes!

Already on an early treasure hunt for his presents. He's reading one of the clues. It's so nice that he can read them all by himself now!!
He found his loot and opened them all up. He LOVES his gifts and was pleasantly surprised.

At 11, he met his buddies at this cute little art center in our downtown. They take donated items and recycle them into craft projects for kids. The boys could either make a rocket ship or an alien ship. They LOVED it!! I'm so happy that all his best buds could make it.
Here's the birthday boy with his buddies! He's so lucky to have such a great group of friends.

Later, we made the traditional birthday trip to Leatherby's. T loves the oreo milkshake. He was so happy to have his turn to stand on the chair and have everyone sing Happy Birthday to him!

Even though he doesn't like cake, he insisted on having one so that he could blow out his candles. We were still full of ice cream!! He had a wonderful birthday and he kept saying "Thank you!" That's my boy ...