Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nor Cal Cousins Renunion

 Me, Jack, Johnathon, Leslie, Brett, Janette, and Lisa
 Johnathon and me!
We FINALLY got a few of us Atwood cousins together on Memorial Day.  Leslie hosted, which worked out great because she really is centrally located between the 4 of us cousins.  We kept trying to figure out the last time we saw each other.  The last time I saw Janette was at our grandfather's funeral in '92, and Johnathon was in '97.  That's just wrong!  Another cousin was hoping to make it, but we had to change the day of the get-together so it didn't work out for her.  [We missed you, Debie!]  We had yummy rosemary kabobs and many yummy side dishes. Johnathon's guacamole was amazing!  We just chatted and laughed ... and laughed some more.  Lots of memories and lots of catching up.  I came by myself because my boys already has some plans and G had to take on-call at the hospital.  He had a great day with the boys.  When I arrived home, they were in the middle of an exciting game of Uno.  Anyway, I had a wonderful time visiting with everyone.  And, I was SO happy that I didn't hit any traffic going home!  I was gearing up for a mess, but it was clear.  We are all wanting to get something on the calendar SOONER than later, so that time doesn't slip away from us.