Thursday, November 26, 2009

Run to Feed the Hungry -- Sacramento

Early on Thanksgiving, N & I drove down to Sacramento to meet my sister, L and her daughter and boyfriend for the "Run to Feed the Hungry". N has come to 2 of my 5K's before, but this time I got him to run with me. B was supposed to come, but wasn't feeling well.
N was a bit nervous about the race -- he shouldn't have been -- it was a MOB of people -- he COULDN'T run if he wanted to!

Here is N after the finish line at the race. We got separated early on and there was no way to find each other until the finish line. A bit disappointing race to try out those running legs!

OK, I KNOW this was for a good cause and it was amazing to see that 31,000 people came out to support a very good cause in our community, HOWEVER, it was the most frustrating "run" (if you can call it that). It was more like an obstacle course. I managed to jog most of it ... unless I got really caught behind people. It was like a barricade sometimes ... really. TOO many people crammed into these small streets. I want to bring N to another 5K soon so that he can really get a sense of it without the mob. It took us a long time to get out of the parking garage. G had to start my dinner rolls for Thanksgiving dinner since it took us longer than we had planned. We had a great Thanksgiving ... I'll have to post more about that later.


Allison said...

I'm so proud of you! What a great mom to take your boys out with you on these runs and supporting good causes.

A bummer about the "running" part. Maybe next time.

Missed you all on Thanksgiving! Hopefully we'll see you all soon.

Nicolette said...

Congrats on running your race. My friend was there and she also complained about the amount of people and how hard it was to 'run' the race. Hope the rest of your Thanksgiving was wonderful!