Thursday, March 27, 2008

4th Grade Science Experiment

B's Science Experiment Board

B next to his board on display at the school.

B didn't have too hard of a time deciding what to do for his Science Experiment! Anything to do with fire is cool with him. He burned 6 different types of fabric to see which burned the fastest. My only beef with this whole project was that the display board was due 2 days after they returned from Spring Break .. so the timing stunk. Anyway, I think we both are so glad it's done. He really liked having the flames on his display board.


Raimi said...

Your project looks "HOT"! Good job B! I bet you & your Mom are glad that it is done!


Sylvia said...

Great job B! Your poster looks great and I bet it was alot of fun burning things. Great idea!