Sunday, March 23, 2008

That Crazy Easter Bunny!

Good Morning!! Where's this trail leading!??

Still wakin' up!

Every year, the Easter Bunny makes a trail with various items leading the boys to their Easter stash. This year, we woke up to a trail of canned food! It lead down the stairs and into the kitchen. At the end of the trail, the cans were shaped into an arrow pointing into the cupboard (where the cans came from). For the past few days, the boys have been trying to guess what that crazy Easter Bunny would come up with this year. Past trails have been out of shoes, spoons, socks, big lego bricks, and Hershey kisses. The trail always leads to new places, too. Once, there was candy stuffed into the pockets of the boys' shorts at the end of the trail. Like I said, the Easter Bunny gets a little crazy around here!


JanEtta said...

The Easter Bunny doesn't even visit our house. There's too much clutter, we wouldn't be able to find his trail to the stash!!! I think he's too tired after going to your house to come to ours. Hope you had a happy Easter.

Sylvia said...

The Easter bunny is very clever at your house. He just hides eggs throughout the living room and family room here. He must hit your house first with more creativity, and then he must be too tired by the time he hits Vegas. Very fun memories.

Raimi said...

Silly rabbit! I bet the boys love the the thrill of the hunt at your house! Happy Easter - I am a little late with my Easter wishes. :) but it looked like a great morning!