Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bunko Babes

Doing what we do best: talking & laughing!!!

Tuesday night was my bi-monthly Bunko night. Everything is divided up among the group: 6 of us host once a year, and 6 of us bring small prizes once a year. Anyway, I look forward to it every time. I love these girls, and we enjoy visiting, catching up, and just being together. We had yummy salads, homemade dinner rolls, appetizers, and dessert. I ate way too much because it was so delicious. We share stories, updates, advice, recipes, and most of all ... friendship. I won one of the prizes for having the most mini-bunkos (3 of a kind). I rolled 20 of them! (possibly a group record) Amy brought these way cute huge clothespins for the prizes and I really needed something to hold my recipes when I'm cooking. It's SO cool. Several of us stayed for another hour to visit after the prizes were handed out. Thanks for hosting, Raimi!


Raimi said...

It was a great time! it was fun having all of you over!