Monday, May 19, 2008

Superman Returns!

T has really taken to this Superman costume. G literally wore it out as a kid. His mother made it for him, and apparently G practically lived in it. We watched "Superman Returns" (T's request) for our family movie night last Friday and ever since then T pretends to be Superman himself. It's fun to watch him "save" his brothers from this or that. G is elated that one of our boys actually likes the costume. He's tried to put it on the other boys when they were younger, but they all hated it and pulled it right off. Looks like T will inherit the beloved Superman costume. I just wish I had a picture of G wearing the costume when he was a kid!


Raimi said...

too cute! It is too cute to not be used. I am impressed that G saved it.

Sylvia said...

That is great that T wears the costume. I'm surprised there are no pictures of G wearing the costume because he did live in it. I'll look through some of my old photos.

Lisa said...

how neat!! That would be cute to compare pictures. Yeah, Super "T"