Friday, May 16, 2008

It's HOT!

T anxious to get in the cool water

Ahhhh! The boys were SO happy to cool off
We've been enjoying our cherries while we swim
The last couple of days have been really hot! It's been about 100 degrees. I'm so glad that our pool has been set up and ready. Today, as soon as the boys got home from school, and after the Book Fair, we all jumped into the pool. We were so anxious to get in the water that we forgot towels! Anyway, it felt SO GOOD! Our cherry tree is loaded with fruit and it's really close to our pool. We've all been enjoying the cherries while we are swimming. For a while, we could reach some cherries from the pool. As soon as G got home from work, he got in the pool with us. It's been really fun. Well worth the small investment.


Lisa said...

looks refreshing!
K wanted to but I said we needed to stay in today. (R sick)

Nadine said...

It does seem like a great investment! I would love a pool---I am just afraid I would be the one setting it up and taking it down. So a built in would be wonderful--but who has money for that! By the way, the cherries look fabulous! I miss the cherries we grew up with. I planted a tree when we first moved here last year we had our biggest crop of 4 cherries! Lots of blossoms but they must not get fertilized. Go figure!

JanEtta said...

100 degrees?!? It's supposed to get in the upper 80's here today. It all looks fun. And being so close to home - who cares if you forgot the towels.

Raimi said...

It looks like a splashing good time! Enjoy!