Thursday, May 8, 2008

Share Bucket

T sporting his new haircut @ the park

Last night, when T & I were talking about preschool, I asked him what he wanted to bring for the "Share Bucket" (He gets to bring an item for a 'show-and-tell' every day). Without hesitation, he said, "B!", as in his big brother. He was serious. I gave him a few other suggestions and then we went onto doing other things. Then, this morning, I asked him again about what he wanted to bring for the Share Bucket, and he said, "B!" , as in "I ALREADY told you what I'm bringing!!" It was a good thing that B had already left for school by then. There might have been a fight on my hands!


JanEtta said...

I think that's great that T loves his brother B so much he wanted to show him off! Dan took Simon last year after we got him, but I don't know if he'd do that now. Simon would take Dan thou.
Oh - a reminder on helping with Eric. It's time for another payment.

Raimi said...

What a treat it would be for all the kids if B showed up in the shre bucket! That is so cute!

Lisa said...

That is so sweet!!!

so, what did he bring??
You left us hanging.

Stephanie said...

Oh, he brought his flannel rice bag -- the one that grandma made with the boys when she was out here. His bucket was kind of heavy!