Sunday, May 30, 2010

School Awards

Grandpa was able to come see both boys receive their awards on Friday at the school. They were at different times, but it all worked out. Dad even came back from work to be there for both of the boys.

J with his awesome 3rd grade teacher. J won the very prestigious Coyote of the Month award for his class. His teacher had some very nice things to say about J. He's a wonderful boy who is excelling in school and is a friend to everyone. We're very proud of him.
T with his Kindergarten teacher. He earned one of the two "Character" awards for Caring in his class this month. He was SO excited!! After he got the award, his biggest concern was whether or not he had to stick it out at school for another 15 minutes or if he could just come home with us. We took him home. Actually, we walked home and once we got home, I realized that he RODE HIS BIKE to school! I had to go back and get it.