Thursday, September 13, 2007

10 Things I'm Grateful for Today

1. Washable markers & carpet spray = you do the math!

2. Prescription headache medicine

3. Some extra alone time with hubby this morning

4. A clean kitchen & a clean floor

5. Being able to help a friend with scanning pictures (Hope you like them, R!)

6. The cooler weather

7. Not being clobbered on the head by T @ 6AM; instead, he quietly & calmly climbed into bed with me @ 6:45AM -- What a treat!

8. A smile & a wave from my good friend, Lisa, as we passed each other on the road today

9. T was happy about going to preschool this morning – no separation dilemma

10. My dear family and friends. I love you all!!

What are YOU grateful for??


Raimi said...

I enjoyed reading your list! I am grateful for a friend like you! It was fun to visit/scrapbook tonight.


Anonymous said...


Your hubby