Saturday, September 8, 2007

Soccer Time

J getting into position as defender

J taking a break
Today was the first soccer game of the season for both J & B. We had to divide and conquer because their game times overlapped. I had the camera, so I only have pictures of J this time. I'm hoping to go to B's game next week. J's team won 5-2, and that was even accidentally giving the other team a goal! Our goalie stopped the ball, but when he tried to kick the ball out, it swerved back into the goal. Oops! J stopped several balls from getting too close to the goal. He had a great time. B was goalie the entire time for his team, and G said he did really good. B is fearless when the ball is hauling right for him. He blocks it with any part of his body and has been quite successful. I just bought him his very own pair of goalie gloves. His coach is glad to have him -- no one else wants to be goalie! His team lost 0-2. Apparently, B's defenders kept disappearing. Coach said he knew exactly what B's team would be working on during the week!!
It's been SO busy over here. We're settling into our new routine with school and all of the trimmings. Things are still a little crazy, but it's beginning to run smoother (Can you say Slow Cooker Meals!!?) I'm ready for the cooler weather. I'm looking forward to my Bunko night coming up. I'm looking forward to my scrapbook night, too. Just my chance to have time with my friends -- whom I'm so grateful for!!


Nathaniel said...

GOOD JOB Joshua!