Tuesday, September 11, 2007


J sharing his "binky" with Foozle
J is amost 2 1/2 years old

J's "Foozle" sweater, made by Grandma Marie

J being silly with Foozle

LEGO Foozle

Foozle eating breakfast

Foozle practicing piano

Foozle doing his scripture study (Good Foozle!!)

Okay, what is Foozle, you ask?? Foozle joined our family Christmas Eve, 2001. He was given to J by a distant relative, and J took to him right away. Since we had no idea (still don't) what IT is, G came up with the name Foozle, and it suits him fine. He used to have more yellow hair, but that' s been pulled off. He has a little pink ball for a tail, and that's been sewn back on countless times. Foozle is highly guarded because when J was younger, he couldn't (or wouldn't) go to sleep without him. Once, we took Foozle on a walk to the school to pick up his brothers, and discovered at bedtime that Foozle was missing. We tore the house apart -- literally! We retraced everything we did that day, and when I said we went on a walk to school earlier, we panicked! Where in the world could we get another one? We've never seen one before and haven't seen another one since. Foozle was patiently waiting on the sidewalk for more than 7 hours, not too far from our house. Let me just say that our prayers were answered. We all were so grateful, especially knowng how special he is to J. Since then, Foozle does NOT go on walks. He rarely goes out of the house (only on vacations under special guard!) I'm so glad that he's so brightly colored because it has made him easier to spot in the house. He's so special, that even Dad has made up a boogie-type song about him and sings it almost every night, sometimes while playing the piano. Like I said, he's been a big presence in our home. Did I mention that Foozle has even driven our van??? Scary, huh!


Raimi said...

J looks so cute! We have had a few blankets that are kind of like the FOOZLE. Total panick sets in when they can't be found. It is a good thing Garrett's blanket is in about 20 pieces now, we are sure to find @ least one of them :)!