Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday, T!

T was just a couple of weeks old here -- on his blessing day (June '04)

Here are some of T's first steps!

T would always be walking towards the camera wanting to SEE his picture even before I could take the darn picture!

One of my favorite pictures of T, taken by my good friend, Amy. T is 3 years old here.

Mom & T having a moment, captured by Amy.

Today is T's 5th birthday! It's so hard to believe that my 'baby' is 5, and will be starting kindergarten in August! Where did the time go? T is such a happy, busy, loving little boy who keeps things interesting around here. He LOVES Legos, much to the chagrin of B because T is always taking buckets of legos and stashing them in his room!
Today was also his preschool day at the park -- their last day together. He insisted on bringing "black cookies", otherwise known as no-bake cookies, to share with his friends. Unfortunately, they all filled up on donuts and such, so no one wanted any. His dear little friend, G, brought him a birthday gift, and that MADE HIS MORNING! Thanks, Raimi =)
We LOVE having Teeters in our family. He has been SO excited for today.
Happy Birthday, T!


Anonymous said...

Happy 5th birthday T! Hope you have a great year. I can't believe you'll be going to kindergarten in August. I'll bet your Mom is super excited about that :)

Lisa P.

Laundry said...

Happy birthday T!

Oh and he's the only one that can say he was blessed at a funeral.. hahaha. :) and in memory of his grandma to! :)

Grandpa said...

Happy birthday T. !!

You are much loved.


Betsey said...

Happy Birthday T.!! You are such a sweet boy!! I hope your day was extra special. :)

Raimi said...

Happy Birthday T! I can't believe he's 5 either!!! Time is moving way too fast!

lorelie said...

Happy Birthday! That reminds me that Lily's 5th is just right around the corner. He's as beautiful as ever. I really like that pic that Amy took.