Saturday, July 14, 2007

Silly Boy

Here’s Benjamin. We usually call him Benj, a name affectionately given him by his older brother right from the start. We refer to him as the “Spice in the Soup of our Family.” There’s usually not a dull moment with him. He’s adventurous, silly, curious, determined, and very independent. He’s not afraid to try new things, and isn’t afraid to speak up. He was a very, very cuddly baby, and he still likes to give sweet hugs. I hope they last because they are wonderful! Benj is very competitive, and has always wanted to be the first at everything, but he had to wait in line to join the family … coming in as son #2. Even his birthday is on the 2nd of a month! Big brother’s birthday is on the 1st of a month – another sour spot for Benj! So, because there are a few things that he just cannot control (birth order!!), I decided to write about Benj first. He LOVES Lego’s and has built hundreds of amazing creations. Yes, I have to check my vacuum all of the time to be sure that I didn’t get any Lego’s! He enjoys Cub Scouts, soccer, piano lessons, swimming, racing Dad, building forts, making jokes, eating ice cream, elephants, SimCity, and is the King of Sarcasm. He just “get’s it.” He’s full of questions that keep us on our toes. Some questions just blow our minds! He’s anxious to get “puffy” muscles, and constantly asks us ways to build his muscles. He’s excited to start 4th grade. He’s excited to see the new Harry Potter & Transformers movies. He likes to know how many "stars" a movie earns, and analyzes the reasons why. Benj has a sweet spirit and is always concerned with making the right choice. We are so proud of him. We love you, Benj!


Raimi said...

Very Sweet!