Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tall Boy

Meet Nathaniel. He's our oldest, and he's a great example to his younger brothers. We'll sometimes call him "Scribibble", just don't call him Nate or Nathan! He won't answer, or he'll politely correct you. He arrived on April Fool's Day and loves having such a fun birthday. Yes, there were some family members who actually didn't believe that he was born -- they needed some convincing that he was actually HERE! He's always been mostly arms and legs, and now it's an advantage with swimming & basketball. He gets those long strokes in the water. Also, when he holds a basketball up over his head during a game, NO ONE can reach it! He can pretty much take his time deciding where to throw the ball, all the while the other players are jumping up and down crazily trying to swat the ball (they can't even touch it!!). He was even taller than one of the adult referees. Crazy. He has always had the kindest spirit and is always thinking of others. He's quick to share things and will be the first to give up his place in line to someone else. He's quietly adventurous. He'll try any new food at least once. He loves to look at pictures of the temples on-line, and likes to read all of the facts about each temple. He likes to collect old fashioned cars, and all types of the Chevron cars. He loves Boy Scouts, playing piano, shooting hoops, swimming, riding his scooter, and drawing cartoons about the Blue Racer. He's looking forward to starting Middle School in August as a 6th Grader. He's excited to see the new Harry Potter & Transformers Movies. Nathaniel is dependable and a wonderful helper. He's trustworthy, does his best to make good choices, and is conscientious about being an example. He likes to read the scriptures at night with his younger brother, and likes to have his brother "chat time" with Benjamin before they go to sleep every night. I couldn't ask for a better Nathaniel. We love him dearly.


Raimi said...

Loving these posts about your boys. They are great young men.