Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What's Goin' on ...

So, not much house work is happen' here. I'm either trying to entertain T, or trying to squeeze in a few more pages of Harry Potter. The laundry pile is growing, but, hey, at least the clothes are clean! I thought I'd be done with the book by now, but ...

B is busy enjoying LEGO engineering camp. He went last year and has continually asked us to do it again. He did get his fill of building LEGO's this morning, but N & J spent the afternoon building their own creations. I think LEGO's are good for their minds ... better than hours of TV. So I can overlook the billions of pieces all over the place ... for the most part!

We went swimming as a family, again, tonight. It was nice to cool down and spend some time out of the house. N really polished his diving technique tonight. He had a big breakthrough, and he was so happy about it.
I wanted to share one of the many pictures my good friend, Amy, took of my boys. She did a fantastic job (thanks, Amy!) and I just love the photos, oh, and the boys in them!


Raimi said...

What a fabulous photo of your cute boys. Amy does such an awesome job. Can't wait to see all of the other pictures!