Monday, July 16, 2007

Sweet Boy

Joshua @ swim lessons

Meet Joshua. We sometimes call him "Squish, Squash, Applesauce". He's quite the charmer. Joshua is 6 1/2 and is anxious to start 1st grade. He's excited to ride his bike to school with his older brother, Benj. He loves attending Primary each Sunday, and remembers each lesson taught by his teacher (whom he adores!). He likes to collect Chevron cars, and the new state quarters (like his big brothers). He is a great artist, and his room is plastered with many of his creations. Joshua is somehow able to succesfully use BIG words and has given us quite a few laughs. Once, he was getting ready to take a bite of a long-awaited dessert and he said, "Taste buds, get ready to go on a journey!!" Another time, we were visiting our cousins in Utah when we were switching cars for rides home from church. Joshua & his cousin were riding in the other car when we passed them on the way home. Later, my sister-in-law related the conversation between Joshua & his cousin: Cousin: darn, they passed us so we're going to be last!! Joshua: That's okay, Jesus said that the last shall be first and the first shall be last. So, it's okay. We really won! Cousin: Oh! I guess you could say that he's a peacemaker and a negotiator. He's constantly trying to up the stakes. For example, he'll ask me for 4 cookies, knowing darn well I won't give him 4, but it's a higher number to work with. I'll say 1, he'll say 3 ... I'll say 1, he'll say 2. Then I'll say 0 ... then he'll say, okay, 1! Smart kid! We know his patience levels have been tested with sharing a room with his little brother, especially once T got a bed. He'd climb into bed with Joshua, sometimes @ 2 in the morning, sometimes ready to play!! Now, that takes Patience, with a capital P! We appreciate his sweet spirit and his kindness. He has a way of making others feel comfortable. He loves to be with his brothers and his friends. We just love him to pieces!!


Raimi said...

Joshua is a sweet boy & just a good soul!


Amy said...

I adore Joshua too!! I look forward to seeing his cute face every week. He really is sweet, funny & smart! He makes me smile.