Saturday, July 7, 2007


Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

T swimming in the deep end!

Joshua between turns down the water slide

Benj enjoying some cotton candy on the 4th

Happy 4th of July, Nathaniel!!


Welcome to my very own blog! I've jumped on the blog bandwagon. I've really enjoyed reading my friends' blogs so much that I decided that I should do my own, and as my husband would say, "Welcome to 2002!" Anyway, I love the idea & think this will help keep family & friends informed of what's going on with the Jones brood.

We've been really enjoying our summer. From swimming lessons to video games, from homemade bubbles to jumping on the trampoline, from piano lessons to homemade rockets. We even got a whole week with Grandpa Jones all to ourselves. We took him to get a HUGE cinnamin roll one morning, took him out to ice cream @ Leatherby's for his birthday on the 20th, went to Denio's one morning (where he found a fantastic deal on a rare Mormon book), and also spent countless hours just hanging out. He rode the train out here to see us. We really appreciated his visit.

We also spent a fun-filled day up at North Lake Tahoe @ King's Beach with friends. We had a blast. It just so happened that there were only boys on our outing. My boys considered that to be heaven! We spent the 4th of July down our own street @ our neighbors. There was a huge inflatable water slide that emptied into a pool of water. Our boys LOVED it. There were hotdogs, snow cones, cotton candy and soda -- a child's delight! We later cooled off in our own little pool as a family, and did fireworks in front of our house. Timothy loved the "Pops!" He kept saying "pop" as I was tucking him in for the night.

Just one more thing before I forget, my boys are doing so well with their swimming lessons. Nathaniel has been spotted by some of the staff and told him he should try out for the swim team. He's got the long body for it. He's almost 5'5" and he's 11!!! Benjamin can swim quite the distance as well, but he has his eye on the water polo practice going on along side him! Joshua swam the entire 25 yards across the pool--no problem. And, Timothy finally likes going to swimming lessons (it's a separation thing, not a swim thing), and yesterday, he buzzed all over my friend's pool only with the aid of arm floaties. He's 3!!

Okay, so I hope this blog thing goes okay for me and that I'm able to keep up with it. Hope you all are enjoying your summer with your families. Time sure flies, so enjoy it.



Raimi said...

Yeah Stephanie! I'm glad your blogging. Cute pictures!


Aaron said...

Your boys are looking so grown up. Thanks for letting me know about your blog. It is fun to be able to see what you are up to.


JanEtta said...

This is nice! Since we never see this side of the family, we can see how the boys have grown and feel a little more like we're a part of their lives.