Monday, July 9, 2007

Another Summer Day

This morning began with cuddles & giggles as J & T piled into bed with me, along with several stuffed animals. What a way to start the day!! Later, T & I played a very interesting game of “Go Fish”. I had no idea of the rules or how to play his version. All I know is that we were playing a game! Eventually, he was satisfied with the results and he moved on to another adventure – climbing in the closet to get to the blue play dough. Mission accomplished—now on to the kitchen drawers to see what kind of “tools” to use for his play dough creations. He wasn't too happy when I took away some birthday candles and a very sharp can-opener. Yep, he’s non-stop action. I don’t get much done around here, and I know I’m not alone in this, right?>

The boys had swimming lessons, again, today. They are starting their 4th, and final week of lessons. I watched J swim incredibly fast across the pool today. His teacher was standing alongside him and couldn’t keep up with him! My jaw dropped. N is preparing to swim 20 laps (25 yards each)with no stops to pass his current level. I asked him if he was worried about it. He said that he’s been doing it almost every day anyway, so it was no big deal. B was learning another stroke today and seemed to pick it up pretty quick. T is plugging along, too. I like how his swimming lessons just help him burn off some of his energy!

So, we’re not going anywhere big this summer. We did a big family trip in March. We surprised our boys by taking them to Legoland, down near San Diego. They literally didn’t have a clue where we were going up until we were about to arrive, which was fun for G & I. We spent 2 days at Legoland, 1 day at the beach, and 1 day at Sea World. We spent some time walking around the San Diego Temple grounds, too. We swam every day at the hotel. We had so much fun. They were all so worn out that they all slept in the van, at some point, on the way back home. So, we’re just hanging out this summer here. Fine by me. Sometimes it’s just nice to be home and do nothing …


Raimi said...

I LOVE summer & all the fun! That picture of the Temple is GREAT!