Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An Enlightening Conversation

Something today reminded me of a funny conversation we had a dinner last week. We were talking about how B and his friends were taping all of that black fabric all over to mimic body hair. So, being the dutiful parents, we talked a little bit about how that's really going to happen soon to the boys, even mentioning the word puberty. N just kinda rolled his eyes (he HATES these conversations). B then said, "First you get hair, then sweat a lot, then you get a girlfriend." Ummm ... I think we skipped several steps!! After we laughed a little, I really wanted to know if B has heard that word (puberty) before, and if he knew what it meant. He told me that he's heard it before, but wasn't sure what it meant. Me: "Do you know what it means?" B: "Humiliation?" I think B just might be on to something!!! I've always appreciated B's openness and candor. He's inquisitive and thoughtful. He helps keep things interesting around here.


Raimi said...

Too funny! B will keep you on your toes!