Thursday, April 3, 2008

Field Trip to the Grocery Store

T and his friends watching a machine smash cardboard in the back room of the grocery store

"Rett" and T making a train during the field trip

All of the kids and their siblings received a "goody-bag" at the end of the tour

T's preschool took a field trip through the local grocery store this morning. They loved seeing the back room with the refrigerator, freezer, storage, etc. They got to go into the back room of the meat department, too. They got samples of salami, cheese & bread along the way. We had a very friendly tour-guide. I got a kick out of a comment she made at the end of the tour when she tried to get the kids to form a line to no avail. She said, "Okay, a blob will do!" After the tour, which took about an hour, we walked over to the Round Table Pizza and had lunch together in the banquet room. We got a deal on the personal pizzas and drinks. The kids colored and ran around. It was quite a pleasant, low-key field trip.


Raimi said...

Yeah for low key field trips! It was fun to visit today!