Monday, April 21, 2008

Outside Adventures

N on top of the play structure, setting up the hose for the water slide
You can't really tell, however, T has a mouth full of strawberries. He LOVES any and all fruit. Here, T takes an inaugural slip down the "water slide". The boys brought the hose up to the top of the slide. It was pretty chilly!

J & T waiting to get sprayed with the hose. It really wasn't THAT hot on Saturday. I was a little surprised that they wanted to get their swimming suits on at all. There has been a pretty constant breeze/wind that chills yah down to the bone. Despite that, I was glad to see them playing together outside and having a blast. It won't be long before their "farmer's tans" are gone.


Raimi said...

Yeah, our boys got the slip & slide out this weekend. Wha were they thinking??? It was chilly.

JanEtta said...

Sounds like your boys have spring fever like mine. It's still way too cold to even turn on the water here - it would freeze.

Nadine said...
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Nadine said...

lucky!!!!!! it hasn't been sunny
for a week

love: CD