Sunday, April 6, 2008

N's 1st Priesthood Session

G took N to his very 1st Priesthood session of General Conference last night. Afterwards, they went out to dinner together to Daphne's (a Greek restaurant). N said he really enjoyed the meeting and that it went fast. It's hard to believe that he's old enough to go! He said he really liked how loud everyone sang the hymns in the chapel. He shared some talk highlights with me, and I was very impressed. I think G has been really looking forward to bringing his sons to the Priesthood Session.


Sylvia said...

T is looking forward to his first session of priesthood, too. He was sad that he just missed this one. That's great one on one time with dad too. An extra bonus.

Raimi said...

They look so happy! What a fun night for the two of them!

Laundry said...

Those two look so much alike!!! wow!!!! you can sure tell they are father and son.