Friday, April 18, 2008

T's World

Typically, you can find T in one of a few places: Either he's playing teeter-totter on a kitchen chair (which drives most of us crazy because of the continually clanking sound and the bumping of the couch) OR ....

... he's playing the Wii. Yesterday, I noticed that nothing was happenin' on the TV screen. So I peeked around the couch and this is what I found! T was konked out.

He LOVES playing the Wii. He will tell me "No brothers!" , meaning that he doesn't want to share with his brothers. I usually give him some time alone on the Wii when his brothers are away at school. He'll change things around and it will drive his older brothers crazy! Yes, he's had many fits when I say it's time to turn the Wii off. Oh well. I don't want him to become a video game junkie. He's quite good at many of the games, and just LOVES playing.


Raimi said...

He's so cute! I'm glad he got a nap in! Hope you had one too!