Tuesday, February 26, 2008

1st Grade Science -- Water Levels & Snack Graph

I spent the morning in J's classroom conducting another Science lesson. We wrapped up our "Liquids & Solids" section. We talked about the water level in a container, and how it always stays parallel to the ground ... even if the bottle of water is rotating. This was kind of a difficult spatial concept for many of the kids. We filled may different sized containers with the SAME amount of water, however, many of the kids could not grasp that fact since the smaller containers had a higher water level. I kept asking them which one had the most water, and they always pointed to the smallest vial. However, when I told them that they ALL had the same water, but the containers were different sizes, they nodded and said "oh!!". But, when I repeated the first question (even SAYING it was a trick question) they, again, pointed to the smallest vial. Only a few GOT it. They also put together a related puzzle of a water bottle rolling. We finished up with a fun "snack graph" of goodies. They got to eat them once they graphed the amounts of the various items. I didn't get any pictures of J because it was SO busy. As usual, I sneaked him some Starburst, and then filled his pocket with some M&M's. I even got to see J in the lunch room before I headed home. He wasn't too interested in eating his lunch today. He wanted to get out to the play ground with his friends. I took home half of his hot lunch today because it was going to be wasted. I wasn't too happy about that! We'll have to chat later about that ...