Thursday, February 21, 2008

Brothers and Friends

Yesterday, B had a tough day at school, and it had nothing to do with academics. It had to do with friends. One of his best friends is in a grade below him, so he doesn't get to see him at school. Another friend transferred to another school. One friend he usually plays with has been kind of acting different towards B, and it has been bothering B for some time now. Well, yesterday, when B came home, his eyes were brimming with tears. He and this friend had a fight (not physical) and B felt that he needed to stand up for himself. I was proud of him, but my heart broke, too. As he was telling me this, J came over and put his arm around B. B said that he was so thankful to have his brothers. What a blessing this is for our boys ... to have each other.
I got to thinking how important friendships are. I'm so thankful for my friends. Last night, I went to a RS night at a friend's house where we watched the movie "Hands from Heaven". It showcased 4 friends and how they helped each other through tough times and were, in essence, hands from heaven for each other. I saw clips of this movie when I went to "Time Out for Women" last year. The gal who made the movie (which was about her and her 3 friends) was there talking about her experiences. She made several points during her "talk". I wrote most of them down:
*Laughter is unifying (Amen to that!!)
*Women NEED women
*It is very important to have good friends
*God heals broken hearts through each other
Then she issued a challenge: Think of 1 person that you can reach out to, and open your heart. There is ALWAYS someone who needs a friend. It's not always easy to "put yourself out there," or to take that first step. But it may mean everything to the recipient.
This brings me back to my B, whose heart was broken yesterday. I am thankful he has his brothers, who adore him, and the friends he has in his life. I think that B and this friend will get past this and eventually will be friends again. I can be hopeful, right?


JanEtta said...

That's the way I feel about my sisters. I hope my boys will find that they have each other when things are down for them too.

Lisa said...

I hope B had a better day today. Boys seem to get over things quick. Thank goodness. It's the girls that hold grudges.
Thanks for being my friend!!

Raimi said...

Thanks for this post! I hope B has a better day tomorrow! Friends are so important! I am so glad B has a great family to lean on! Thank you for being my SWEET friend! I love you & your cute family!