Friday, February 22, 2008

Gone bananas

N LOVES bananas. I cannot keep enough of them in the house! When he was sick a few weeks ago and had NO appetite, I had a couple of pounds of bananas that went "south" ... so I quickly made a couple loaves of banana bread (which the boys love, too). Many times they'd rather have a big slice of banana bread in their lunches than a sandwich. Anyway, N put this sticker on his forehead and left it there for most of the day. It does bring a smile to ones face when they see the bright blue sticker on a forehead! It gave us all the giggles throughout the day.
Update: B and his friend seem to be fine. Water under the bridge. Lisa, you were right about how boys usually get over things quickly, and I'm grateful for that. I was hoping that'd be the case. Girls can typically hold a grudge for sure. Boys and girls are very different creatures!


Lisa said...

Love the sticker!!
I'm so glad B and his friend are better.

Raimi said...

The sticker is perfect!
Thanks for sharing!