Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Into Beautiful Idaho

The day after we arrived in Utah, we headed north into beautiful Idaho. This marked the first time the boys had set foot in Idaho, and a very long time since G & I have been there.

So, we had to get a picture of the Welcome sign

We had to stop at the Idaho Falls Temple on our way to Montana. N LOVES seeing all of the temples and has started to keep track of the ones he's seen first hand. He always gets a picture of himself in front of the temple if possible. We walked around the grounds and saw the visitor's center. It was SO nice to be able to use clean restrooms! This is the temple where G's dad was sealed to his family many years ago.

Then we drove around to see the water falls. You can see the temple right between N & me in the background. It was such a beautiful area, and we are so glad we stopped to enjoy it all. Plus, it just felt good to stretch those legs. The boys did exceptionally well with all of the travel time in the van.


Brad and Julianne Heaps said...

So beautiful! My parents were married in the Idaho Falls Temple and my grandparents worked there for years.