Thursday, July 30, 2009

Six Flags for the Afternoon

Yesterday, I took the four boys to Six Flags. We left right from swim lessons. We grabbed lunch on the way, and were ready to go. It was great arriving after the morning rush. We walked right into the park with no lines.

Here's T&B enjoying the South African penguins

B was able to touch this stingray. He really enjoyed watching them and being able to feel them. He was quite mesmerized by them.

J&B biding their time as we waited for the Tony Hawk ride. We ended up waiting about 45 minutes for the ride. Since we all could go, and we wanted to go together, I had to pay for a temporary locker for my backpack. They no longer allow backpacks brought up to the rides and left to the side while we ride. I wasn't too happy about this.

B&J after getting soaked on the boat ride!

There's MY caboose in the caboose. He wanted to ride in there all by himself. B & I rode right in front of him. He wanted us on the train, but not right next to him.

B & Mom

Here's N getting ready to go on the KONG. We didn't get to ride together because of the new backpack rule. I went first and he held the backpack, then when I got back, he went. Lame, I know! I would have gotten the locker at this point, but I only had a 5 dollar bill and I didn't want 5 locker coins and NO ONE would give me change at any of the concession stands! N was able to ride the Kong a few times (once with J) and the Medusa, too. It was nice to be able to give him the cell phone so that he could ride some of the big rides and then call us to find us.

This is one of my boys' favorite rides. T is still to short to ride this one, so J and I took him over to the small kid swings just like this. He really enjoyed that, and I was grateful that J was so helpful. He rode a few small kiddie rides with T and was such a great big brother to him. We soon got our fill and headed home. We had a blast. The weather was perfect. The boys enjoyed the rides, and the lines weren't bad (except on the Tony Hawk ride). We hope to squeeze in one more trip before school starts in August. Hopefully, G will be able to come with us.


Lisa said...

looks like you guys had a great time!! I'm glad the weather wasn't too hot. Ryan had such a fun time the other day, thanks!

CHALISSE!!!! said...

the swing ride @ LAGOON
it's called turn of the century

kong @ LAGOON also but it's called the BAT painted green and purple