Sunday, July 5, 2009

Leatherby's Ice Cream

On Thursday night, after our yummy sweet pork burritos, we headed over to Leatherby's Ice Cream. There isn't a Leatherby's near our cousins, so this was a big treat to go there. It was a great way to top off our fun day.

Here is G with his sister

We all loved our ice cream! We can always make room for ice cream. Later, the kids all literally fell into bed. My boys, Ja and Tr all slept in the living room. It was wall-to-wall blankets and pillows. They loved it.


Raimi said...

Looks like another successful trip to Leatherby's :-)! I'm glad you've been able to enjoy so much of your family this summer!

lorelie said...

You've had a great, eventful summer! I would love some of that Leatherby's ice cream right now.

Laundry said...

I've never been to leatherby's and there is one on the BYU campus and there is one up in Logan on the USU campus... but there isn't one anywhere around me.. haha. how sad..

and Uff Uff and Jello definitely look like siblings... haha.