Monday, August 27, 2007


T on his FIRST day of Preschool. He wouldn't stop jumping up & down!

I don't know who was more excited for preschool? T or Mom? I had to catch up to T on the way to his classroom, which is tucked at the back of this campus. Luckily, I don't have to haul another child with me. (That's a first!) He was so excited to wear his Diego backpack. At this preschool, speech therapy is the focus, so it is a really small class with only 5 kids. He did really well on his first day with figuring out the routine and boundaries. He's been so ready for preschool. As for me? We'll I admit I've been counting the days, too. T has been getting so restless and bored at home. There's only so much that Mom can do. So, I'm happy that he's getting an outlet for his energy and curiosity, not to mention therapy for his speech. As for MY first day with ALL of my boys in school, I called my friend to join me for a pedicure. It's been SO long since I've had one and it sure felt nice. To tell you how bad my feet were, the gal doing my pedicure had to pull out the big power sander!! I'm not kidding. It was nice to relax and even greater to visit with L. The time went quickly, but it was well spent. Thanks, Lisa!!

My happy feet.


Raimi said...

T looks so excited & happy. I'm glad it went well. We can't wait for Thursday! Yeah for you & Lisa & the treat for your feet :).


Gionz Zone said...

I cannot wait for Thursday either! He'll have so much fun! he thought he was going to see "Rett" at his other preschool.