Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Random Things

We bought a bigger fish tank this week. B's little black fish was lonely and was swimming around in a small bowl. We got him some friends, and a bigger, cleaner home. The boys love watching the fish. T has already managed to drop a handful of legos, a small piece of bread, and a baby wipe into the tank. Those poor fish. They probably equate T with the crazy girl in the movie "Finding Nemo"! He wants to play with the fish, too. Um, yeah, we're working on this concept with him. Wish us luck!

T was very happy with his new helmet today and wore it all over the house. It has SpongeBob Squarepants on it and he's just thrilled. He had a big day today: he got to meet his new preschool teachers and preschool friends this morning. He's so excited to go to school (as is Mom!). He didn't want to leave today. This will make the drop-off next week much easier for the both of us for sure.

The boys are adjusting to school. It's been a little more hectic because of soccer starting up at the same time. B & J are enjoying the sport and being with their friends. J has the same coach as last year and he just loves his coach. Toss in piano lessons, cub scouts, boy scouts and you have quite a hectic household. We're busy, but happy.


Raimi said...

Cute pictures! T is so cute! I hope the fish survive :).