Tuesday, August 14, 2007

School Begins ...

N right before we took him to school

J is so excited to ride his bike to school this year!!

J @ his desk in his 1st grade classroom

B really happy with his teachers! He has 2 teachers sharing the 1 class.

We're off to another school year. Unbelievable! Our summer vacation went by pretty fast. We had several lazy days along with several day-trips and activities. All-in-all, it was a really good summer for our family. The boys were excited to find out who their teachers were yesterday @ the elementary school. B got who he really wanted, and J was just happy to see who his new teacher is (I've heard good things about her, too). N was excited AND nervous about his first day @ Middle School. I took the traditional first-day-of-school pictures. The boys were still a little sleepy because they had a hard time getting to sleep last night -- they were really excited. This will be a week of adjustments for sure. J has to adjust to a full day of school now. He's so excited to play on the big playground and is happy to be riding his bike to school with his big brother. T was searching around for his "Diego" backpack to get ready for school himself. He was pretty disappointed to learn he wasn't starting school this morning. He has to wait 2 more weeks. Although, he gets to meet his preschool teachers next week. I'm sure counting down the days, too. He'll love school. Mom will love a little time to herself for sure!!


Raimi said...

Love the first day of school pictures! Looks like everyone had a fun day!