Saturday, August 25, 2007

Whoa! What a Week!

The Boys being silly

Even though we have chores to do on Saturdays, I'm sure glad it's the weekend. It has been very hectic this week and last. We got through 3 different "Back to School" nights, on top of homework, soccer practices, piano lessons, and cub scouts. Whew! It's been a big adjustment for all of us. I had been so spoiled up until now because my boys rode their bikes to the elementary school 2 blocks away. I drive N to Middle School in the mornings, but luckily he gets a ride home from our neighbor. (I LOVE carpools!) B&J ride their bikes together to the elementary school, which works out nice. J, especially, likes the independence.

With all of this craziness in the afternoons, I don't have much time to prepare dinners. Am I alone in this??!! We had breakfast for dinner one night, pizza another night and so on ... you get the idea. I just bought a book that has over 200 slow cooker recipes to help me out. I have a little time in the mornings, but once the boys are home from school ... well, that's a completely different story. Any good ideas? Easy QUICK recipes? I'm always on the hunt. I have some quick meals, but I'd like to get a few more in our rotation! I need to go dust off my slow-cooker, and try some new meals this week.


Laurie, the girls & Scott said...

My kids aren't even in school and I still have a hard time getting dinner ready in time. Luckily, I have a new solution - Rachael Ray. Her recipes are super easy and look and taste more impressive than they took to make. You can even pull recipes off her website. Good luck!

JanEtta said...

The one everyone loved at our camp out this summer was chicken breasts (or browned hamburger) cream of chicken soup, fill can with salsa and add one can water with 1 can rice. Cook in crock pot for 4 hours - serve with flour tortillas with all your favorite toppings -cheese (sorry Gerald), avacado, sour cream, lettuce and/or tomatoes (double it for your size family)

Gionz Zone said...

Thanks, JanEtta. I'm going to write that one down. We tried a pork chop/potatoe slow cooker recipe today. It was a hit. The best part was that it was cooking while we had quiet time!

Gionz Zone said...

That would be "potato"!

Amy Knudtson said...

I love crock pots! Some of my favs are so easy. The first one is to put your chicken in the crock pot ( i put them in frozen) and then pour a bottle of BBQ sauce and a can of coke or pepsi over the chicken. Then you cook on low all day, or high for half the day. We eat it with rice and corn. So good and easy!

The other one we love is to put the chicken on the bottom of the crock pot and then you pour in 2 cans of cream of chicken. Next, you fill the cream of chicken cans with buttermilk and pour them over the top. Cook on low all day or high for half the day. Eat it with mashed potatoes and bread - it is sooo good!

Let me know if you come up with any other good ones, I am in the same situation over here. I haven't figured out my routine yet!