Monday, August 13, 2007

Lego Heaven!!

J with a huge Lego ship

B still in shock!

Is this for real?? We get to play with ALL of these?!!!

One version of Heaven, another version of He..!!

The boys already have quite the collection of Legos, and they play with them all of the time. I find them everywhere (behind plants, in my vacuum, in my bed, on the bookshelves ... you get the idea). Regardless of how they seem to wander everywhere, I do like Legos. My boys will spend hours building and creating and I think that's great. Well, on Saturday, my brother decided he was ready to part with his own personal Lego collection and bestowed it upon my boys. When he arrived, my boys happily unloaded the 6 boxes (office paper size), with screams of delight! B's eyes were as big as silver dollars for at least 30 minutes! I didn't recognize my living room. After hours of play, the boys cleaned up pretty well, especially after they were threatened with the confiscation of their new acquisition!! That pesky, black garbage bag seems to do the trick. That got them moving!! All evening long, they kept saying, "I cannot believe that he GAVE us all of these!!" I told my brother that he can come visit his Legos anytime, and that they will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, D!


Raimi said...

WOW! Looks like your boys ARE in heaven. I hear ya on the he -- part. Legos sure do hurt when you step on them & are boy are they not good in a vacum! Looking forward to seeing more Lego creations!


Gionz Zone said...

Yeah, I've stepped on more Legos than I care to count! They leave quite an impression on my foot. I picked up a huge bin @ Walmart today to help with the containment of the little things ...