Monday, August 6, 2007

Did You Say Ice Cream?

What? Do my ears deceive me? Ice Cream for dinner? Yep. We actually had ice cream for dinner. And lots of it! We planned on going to Leatherby's for ice cream and realized that we wouldn't have room for BOTH dinner and ice cream ... and so, the ice cream won. Dinner of champions, eh? There were many cheers and screams of delight. I guess you could also say that there is now an "ice cream dance," as demonstrated by N. I had my favorite: chocolate chip cookie dough with caramel topping. Any type of vanilla ice cream would do, though. Just as long as there is caramel topping. The boys all had milkshakes, and were very happy. The boys were on a super sugar high for the rest of the night. They tried tossing their favorite stuffed animals into a small target from the top of the stairs. At least it wasn't more TV. Oh and another thing, as we were talking about our happy things at our "dinner", B admitted that he's feeling more ready for school to start. Last week, he was upset about summer ending, but now he's ready to see his friends. I was so glad to hear that. I don't want them being upset about school starting up again. J & N said that they are feeling more ready, too. Well, we already know I'm ready for school to start (except for the loads of homework!)

I also wanted to share a couple of cute things T says: For the word "robot", he says "bo-lot" & for the word "boobies", he says "boolies". It makes us giggle every time! He's talking better every day, and becoming easier to understand. Yes, he still screams, but it's not as frequent as it used to be (THANK GOODNESS!)


Laurie, Scott, Emily, Molly & Heidi said...

We LOOOVE ice cream! What a fun dinner you had. It's fun to see that other moms also have non-traditional dinners. (See our FHE entry from tonight).

Anonymous said...

Ice cream for dinner? What kind of mom are you? A FUN one!! I'm sure the boys will remember this birthday dinner for a long time!