Saturday, August 4, 2007


T with his friend, Garrett

J with Brandon & Carter

I am so grateful that my boys have such great friends! Yesterday, we met up with our friends are the water park/playground (again) because we had so much fun last time. J was able to play with two of his closest friends -- they were so glad to see each other! T ran around with his two closest friends, too. I just couldn't get them to stand still long enough to get a picture with them all together! I am so grateful for MY friends, too. I am so lucky. It was nice to visit & laugh together.
We're trying to pack our last week of summer vacation with lots of activities. School starts the 14th, and it's coming quick. I think the boys are ready to go back .... I know I'm ready! I've already loaded up on school supplies.


Raimi said...

We are loving the water park play dates. I am loving the time to visit with good friends like you! The pictures are great & those boys are soooo CUTE :)!