Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Cement Slides

Mom even went for a few rides

B at the end of a his slide

T halfway down the slide & loving it!

J ready to launch!

N & T ready for take-off!!

This morning, we found a cute little park with 2 cement slides tucked way in the back. We came prepared with cardboard and were ready to go. For the SECOND time this week, once we arrived at a park (this one included), a HUGE group of kids arrived seconds later and took over the park! I kid you not! Two huge white vans unloaded dozens and dozens of kids. My boys just watched as the once empty park was flooded with people. It was awful. We stayed a while to get several turns down these really cool slides. We definitely want to go back -- just not when it's so crowded. There's lots of shade, and there were goats down the hill. I'm keeping my cardboard in my van so we can go back soon and be ready. Hopefully, no white vans and no Adventure Clubs will be there are the same time!! Uggh!


Anonymous said...

So where's this park? Sounds fun.


Gionz Zone said...

This park is tucked back behind the Estates bldg. I can't remember the name off hand, but I can look it up. We really want to go back.

Raimi said...

We can't wait to hit this park! Looks like fun! Great picture of you on the slide :).


Amy Knudtson said...

I remember going here when I was a kid - but I haven't been there since. It looks like so much fun! There are some Letterboxes in that park we want to hit, so maybe we'll head over there!