Friday, August 31, 2007

T's First Day at his 2nd Preschool

T with his pal, Garrett

T with his preschool bucket
Timothy started his 2nd preschool on Thursday with Miss Jenn & Miss Christi. He was very excited to go and VERY excited about his preschool bucket. Here at this preschool, they don't use backpacks, but buckets instead. We pack T a lunch, and he gets to bring a share item every time! He kept saying "Fun" after I picked him up from school. He's so glad he gets to go to school with one of his best buddies, Garrett. I enjoyed my time, again, today. I treated myself to a much-needed massage. It was awesome!!!


Raimi said...

Yeah for preschool & good friends! Garrett loves going to preschool with T.