Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Beatiful Day in Tahoe

We escaped the heat and smoke yesterday and headed up to Tahoe. As we were driving through Auburn and Foresthill, the smoke was really bad. We thought we might have to turn around and head back home. But as we descended towards the lake, the air cleared. It was beautiful! It was around 85 degrees and the water felt great. We love this particular beach because the water is shallow for quite a distance out. The kids can really play, and I'm more comfortable knowing that they don't have to tread water. There were 6 families that went. I think my friend counted 22 kids! I put SPF50 on me and my boys, and we just played all day! We had lunch and snacks, and then we'd get back into the water. The boys dug in the sand, made sandcastles, searched for crayfish, collected really cool rocks, and just played with their friends. Oh, and I got to visit with my dear friends, too. Isn't summer great?!!

B has the right idea!
I was in the water a lot! It felt really nice.
I bought this raft down the street from this beach. I thought I forgot my memory chip for my camera and stopped at a Rite Aid. Oh, I found the memory chip when I took the camera out of it's case when I got home! Uggh! Hey, at least I found this awesome raft that was pretty cheap. It was a hit! If they weren't being pulled in the raft, they'd use our big sand shovels for oars. Good thing I packed the air pump!
B was digging for Crayfish
N taking a dip
J getting a ride in the raft
J with one of his dearest friends! They had a blast together
I think this is all of the kids! J is standing a little behind N in the front.

We got to the beach around 11am and stayed until around 3:45. By the time we left the smoke was descending on the lake, and we were pretty worn out. Hek, I'm still worn out today! It's a good 'worn-out' though. We just lounged around the house today. The boys have been enjoying the new Indiana Jones Lego Wii game today. The air isn't any better today, so I really didn't put a time limit on the game today, which they loved, I'm sure. N's swim team was cancelled again due to the poor air quality. His Scout bike ride was cancelled last night for the same reason. It's just yucky with the heat AND the awful smoke from all of the fires in CA. It's bad.


Raimi said...

I think we need to escape to Tahoe again...sooner than later! We had a blast & are so thankful for your family & your friendship! We love you guys! Enjoy lounging! There's nothing else to do, right????