Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

The boys with their cousins. It was so much fun seeing the kids playing together. They swam, played the Wii, chased each other around, then swam some more. My brother and I decided that we'd just put snacks out instead of a full-out BBQ. It was much easier and more relaxing. Plus, they came over around 1:45. Just made more sense (not to mention that this was SO last minute in planning)!

After the cousins left, T was asleep in a matter of minutes. This actually worked out great because he was able to stay up for fireworks later!
T still trying to wake up. We headed right across the street for a BBQ with our neighbors. They provided most of the food! I brought a bunch of cookies to share. We got to know our neighbors better, had yummy food, and all shared our fireworks ... which made it all last that much longer! We really enjoyed it.

The group actually posed for this picture. They thought it'd be funny to all gather around and act like they were in complete awe for this very tiny firework.
The boys got to do a few sparklers, and they loved it. We watched many fireworks right on our street. Our neighbor brought out his ladder to put many of the fireworks on and it was really cool. At 9:30, we rushed over to see the city fireworks. We just drove to a nearby shopping center that had a great view from the parking lot. We sat out on the curb and watched the HUGE fireworks. We then headed back home only to find that our neighbors were still out lighting more fireworks. We stayed out and visited a little longer ... til they were all out of fireworks. What a day!!

I'm SO grateful for our country and the freedoms we enjoy. We are so blessed as Americans. When I think of other parts of the world and how people live, I'm reminded of the blessings and opportunities that we have here in the USA. I am very, very thankful.


Raimi said...

Happy belated 4th of July to you! Isn't the 4th of July so much fun!?! Looks like you had an action packed day!

Laurie, the girls & Scott said...

I'm tired just reading the blog! What a fun day!